Adorable 8 month old baby Finley

I can’t believe baby Finley is 8 months old already!  It’s so fun to see how much she’s grown from her last session.  I find this to be the best age to photograph babies.  They can sit up unassisted, aren’t crawling away, and are generally full of smiles.  As you can see, Finley is a happy baby and has the best big brothers.  Such a beautiful family.  Enjoy the photos from their recent lifestyle session.


happy baby playing in her crib

If I could be a baby again, I’d ask to have a room exactly like Finley’s. 😉

pretty girl wearing her mother's wedding jewlery

mom and dad cuddle and play with daughter

baby wearing ruffled headband


baby girl wearing boutique clothing


middle child acting silly for the camera


handsome little boy posing on ottoman


daddy enjoying an intimate moment with his baby girl

mother nursing her baby

To nurse a baby and experience that bond is so beautiful. I miss those fleeting moments.

beautiful family snuggling together


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