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Over the years, I’ve seen various photos and blog posts from other photographers who have documented births.  Every time I’m left feeling completely speechless and in total awe of the miracle that just unfolded before my tear-filled eyes.  So exhilarating.  So beautiful.  So pure.

I have three children of my own but never got the chance to witness any of them be born.  My births consisted of horrendous back labor, an episiotomy followed by emergency cesarean, an almost curbside delivery with no meds and then another cesarian.  Each time  I recall begging for death and vowing to never get pregnant again, lol.  I’m glad my body has short term memory or I maybe would’ve had only one child.  God decided to bless us with three beautiful, healthy children and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I only wish I could have watched them be born!

I’ve always had the idea in the back of my mind that I’d love to photograph a birth some day but I just didn’t know how it could work with my busy schedule and trying to coordinate childcare around such an unpredictable event.  I took a chance with my friends Jamie and John asking them if I could photograph their home birth, knowing in advance that it maybe wouldn’t work out.  Well, we actually couldn’t have planned it better!

John and Jamie offered that my kids come along and play with their other three while a babysitter supervised and kept them all from coming upstairs and into all the action.  The delivery occurred only an hour after I arrived AND in a beautiful naturally lit room.   Voila!  Perfect birth photography experience!  I was spoiled.  If they could all work out like that, I’d be offering it as a service but unfortunately I can’t until my children are grown or I can have a more solid childcare plan in place.

Jamie was such a champ!  She successfully powered through every labor pain and even managed to joke around a bit in between contractions.  It was incredible and such an honor to witness.  Watching the reactions of their older children run into the room to meet their little sister for the first time was equally incredible.  My favorite quote from the day was older sister Channing saying, “Wow mom, baby Paisley’s even cuter than me!”  Thank you again John and Jamie for allowing me to invade your home during such a private event in your lives.

I’m not at all familiar with home births but if you are on the fence about having one yourself, consider scheduling a consult with both Dr. John Davis (Paisley’s daddy), Chiropractor at Atlas Chiropractic Center and midwife, Jessica Nipp at Holistic Birth, LLC to see if it might be the right decision for you and your baby.

Without further adieu, I introduce to you, Paisley Louise Davis…born May 30th, 2013.  As for the music slideshow at the bottom, be sure your volume is turned on and the tissues are nearby.  🙂

husband is comforting wife during labor

experiencing labor pains at home





portrait of a grandmother

LOVE this portrait of Jamie’s mother showing prayerful concern

mother and child embracing for the first time


photographing children meeting baby sister for the first time

children meeting their sister for the first time

family posing on bed

newborn baby photograph on bed


Turn on your volume and press play below to watch their beautiful music slideshow.

birth photography from Jamie Smith Photography on Vimeo.

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