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Colorado Springs birthing center

I am thrilled to share with you a new birthing center that has opened up in Colorado Springs!  It’s generating a lot of buzz in the community among expectant moms because there’s been such a need for a freestanding birth center for so long.  A freestanding birth center is a home-like, independent, outpatient facility that is designed for women who don’t want to give birth in a hospital or at home.  Beginnings Birth Center provides holistic care before, during, and after birth and are conveniently located right down the road from a hospital just in case the need should ever arise to transport a patient quickly. Their staff consists of certified nurse midwives, registered nurses, doulas, and lactation educators helping to provide the patient with specialized care through every stage of pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.  Beginnings Birth Center offers an array of services including on-going educational classes that you can read in much greater detail on their website.  From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out I felt as though I was at a luxurious spa.  It’s so warm and inviting. Their highly educated and friendly staff puts you right at ease.  I encourage you to visit them and get a VIP tour!

If you are in need of newborn portraits or a Fresh 48 session, email me at or call 719-434-0707 to schedule.  Patients at Beginnings Birth Center receive a special discount.  Inquire for details!

Colorado Springs birthing center

Colorado Springs birthing center waiting room




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