Natural light baby photos in Colorado | helpful photography tip

I often get asked basic “how to” questions by my friends and clients that I decided I will try (in an attempt to stay on top of blogging!) and post helpful photography tips now and then for my readers.  I can’t promise a helpful tip once a week but I will certainly try!  The other day when I was getting ready in the morning, my Mallory had asked if she could hold her baby brother on my bed (she’s so helpful like that when I’m scrambling to get out of the house on time and baby just wants to be held).  I noticed the natural light coming through my bedroom window was perfectly beautiful so I quickly grabbed my camera and began shooting.  Now, here’s where the tip comes in.  I also noticed Mallory’s hair was not combed nor had she been bathed in several days.  I didn’t care.  I seized the moment because I knew it would be fleeting.  Despite my not-so-perfectly dressed or groomed daughter, I fell in LOVE with this photograph and I might even order this as a gallery wrapped canvas for her wall.  If I were too concerned about those details I might have missed the opportunity.  And always be sure to find the light…it’s all about the light.  Have kids play near it…or, in this case, have the older sibling hold baby near it.

big sister cradles baby brother on mom's bed by natural window light

Helpful photography tip: seize the moment

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