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School dances aren’t just a chance to socialize with your besties; it’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase your style! Whether prom, homecoming, or any other dance in between, finding the ideal dress can practically make or break the experience. Plus, you’ll have the photos to look back on for years. So when it comes to shopping for the perfect dress, finding the right Boutique is so important. A store’s environment, staff, and selection can make or break your dress-buying experience. Luckily for those in Colorado Springs, Something New Boutique is committed to helping every one of its customers find the perfect dress for whatever the occasion. Their extensive Prom and Homecoming selection means the right dress is just waiting for you to see it! 

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About Something New Boutique

Something Owner Mindi Linscombe opened new after being disappointed in her search for her dream wedding dress. Mindi and her husband, Jordan, decided to open their bridal shop to help brides feel exceptional. That happens by creating and celebrating the entire dress-shopping experience! 

While they carry a wide variety of bridal gowns, they also have gorgeous dresses for other occasions, including proms and homecoming dances! Whatever the occasion, Something New has an enjoyable team that will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room – because you are! Since they opened in 2008, they have helped thousands find their perfect dresses – whether bridal or for any other event! As a Something New customer, they celebrate you every step of the way, just as it should be!

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Something New’s prom and homecoming collections feature an incredible selection of styles from a large inventory of designers – including some exclusive to their store! Not to mention that they also have a variety of tuxedos in colors that will match perfectly, so you and your date can take the dance floor by storm. Their dresses come in various styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect look of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a short, playful cocktail dress or a beautiful long gown, they have plenty of both. When you come into Something New Boutique, their staff will get to know you. That helps them find a gown that encapsulates exactly how they want to feel, from fun and flirty to elegant and effortless. Their dresses come in various colors and finishes, from sparkle to satin to lace to tulle. Whatever you can envision a dress to be, Something New will be able to help you find it! 

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Suppose you are looking for a special way to make memories as you shop. In that case, you can make a prom appointment to work with a personal stylist to try the latest prom trends and find your perfect look! Their Bougie & Bubbly Appointment allows you to shop with a stylist with a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly and an indulgent satin robe! You can also take it further and book a Bougie & Bubbly Party for you and your friends. This party is where you all shop with a stylist for two hours while enjoying snacks and bubbly. Plus, if you book the Bougie & Bubbly Party, you’ll get $100 off whichever dress you choose! 

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Something New Boutique

Set up an appointment if you are interested in shopping at Something New Boutique for your prom or homecoming dress! Once you start receiving that star-quality customer service, you’ll be glad you did.

Woman in a sparkly patterned backless red dress stands in front of a mirror Something New Boutique a rack of dresses of all colors and fabric hang in the store Something New Boutique

Now that you found the perfect dress, it’s time to find a photographer to capture it! Let’s chat about your dream Colorado Springs high school senior photo session!

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