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Sweetwater Flower Market for Gorgeous Arrangements & Products

Do you love visiting a shop that gives a hometown feel, filled with comforting soaps, self-care goods, candles, and more, along with beautiful floral arrangements? Even better, what if those aromatic arrangements were ready to grab and go, or you could create your own? Sometimes the simple luxuries make an experience truly magical and perfect, and that’s exactly what Sweetwater Flower Market strives for.  

About Sweetwater Flower Market 

This woman-owned flower market got its beautiful start from a seven-day trip when Kristyn Cline visited a mercantile shop in Nashville, Tennessee. After browsing what felt like a welcoming and comforting shop, she stepped out to find a flower truck full of beautiful colors and fragrances. The feeling of the shop and flowers gave her a wonderful idea for her own business. 

While she left her current job as a Farmer insurance agent, she couldn’t pass up this dream of her own. With the help of her two daughters and a lot of dedication, Sweetwater Flower Market, named after her mother, was founded in 2021. Kristyn Cline and her small team strive to select the freshest cuts to create beautiful bouquets or for you to make your own to enjoy, as well as other soothing and simple life-enriching self-care and home goods.

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Products & Services

At Sweetwater A Flower Market, you receive so much more than a beautiful bouquet. You’re receiving an experience. From their friendly and caring customer service to each flower, you can expect nothing short of a visit that fills your heart with comfort and the simplicity of natural beauty. Their selection of local self-care goods is like a little slice of heaven you don’t want to miss out on. 

The artist of those goods may even be seen doing workshops at Sweetwater. That’s right, beyond pre-made or do-it-yourself arrangements, self-care, and home goods, they have a variety of workshops that offer the fun opportunity to craft with friends, drink wine and indulge in fun and unique projects. 

They offer excellent services at multiple Colorado Springs locations. Find your closet location and check out their workshops! Bring your friends and their Sweet Studio that you can benefit from!

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Want to add a whimsical touch to your celebration? Sweetwater Flower Market offers the cutest delivery trucks for your party, from bridal to their Sweetwater staple. Don’t worry; they also make gorgeous and romantic wedding floral arrangements if you love their technique, style, and beautiful work. These arrangements are the perfect breathtaking touch to your “I do” moment. They compliment the event’s vision and never outshine the bride and groom, of course!

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Sweetwater Flower Market

Sweetwater Flower Market loves being a part of their community and is all about creating those beautiful moments, providing simple luxuries and stunning bouquets. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy simple things that become big and beautiful celebrations!

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