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Creating Lasting Memories With a Younger Ranch Wedding Day!

Younger Ranch is one of those places where time seems to stand still. A fifth-generation family cattle ranch, the property is full of exquisite mountain views, wide open ranges, and expansive Colorado sky. It’s the perfect place for a rustic, yet elegant, wedding that feels secluded and special, authentic to an Old West lifestyle of days gone by. Keep reading to see what makes a Younger Ranch wedding such a unique, unforgettable experience!

About The Younger Ranch Wedding Venue

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Younger Ranch has a rich history that spans back nearly 110 years to 1914 when Charles Younger began purchasing land parcels that would eventually become the Younger Ranch wedding venue. In the years that followed, he, his children, and grandchildren continued tending to the ranch, raising Texas Longhorn cattle and navigating the rugged wilderness of the mountains. Several generations later, Younger Ranch is safely in the hands of Charles Younger’s great-grandson Rex and his wife Gina. In 2014, they hosted their daughter’s wedding at the ranch, and ever since, they’ve been sharing the property with other couples searching for a special, rugged venue for an unforgettable wedding. 

For the Younger family, their ranch represents the steadfast values and hard work necessary for a successful marriage. Younger Ranch wedding venue is a testament to hard work, perseverance, and commitment – all of which represent the foundation of a well-lived, well-loved life at your partner’s side. 

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Details of the Grounds

To begin your Younger Ranch wedding day, brides and their wedding parties can prepare in the beautiful Bride Barn. This elegant space includes rustic ranch-inspired touches like cow hides, sheep skins, and antique furniture. It’s great for getting-ready photos and spending time relaxing as you get ready for your wedding ceremony. Not to be left out, your partner and their party can spend time getting ready in the Groom’s Teepee. This is a totally unique space with comfy leather furniture and an outdoor patio set for fresh air. 

Newlyweds kiss in the back of a white horse drawn carriage in a pasture at a younger ranch wedding

For your ceremony, you can meet your partner at the outdoor Ceremony Site that overlooks spectacular views of Pikes Peak. Say “I do” beneath a ponderosa pine arch adorned with your preferred drapery or florals and a backdrop of breathtaking mountain vistas. 

Then, for your Younger Ranch celebration, gather with your wedding guests in the Reception Barn, an elegant space with historic barn wood accents, market lights strung with antique barbed wire strands from the ranch, and a gorgeous concrete patio. Enjoy s’mores gathered around a cozy fire pit as the sun sets, and keep the party going with signature drinks from the “Grain-Bin-Bar.” Your wedding will be fun and unforgettable!

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Photography Opportunities

There are so many ways to take advantage of the wide open land and towering mountains of Younger Ranch. We’ll wander meadows that are bright green or golden depending on the season and meander through tall trees. Rustic features like wooden fences and ranching equipment will make your wedding photos even more representative of the venue. If you’re looking for a truly unique photo experience, book the Texas Longhorn Experience; they’ll make sure their signature Texas Longhorn Cattle are a part of your wedding day, perfect for authentic ranch pictures!

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Wedding Details

Younger Ranch offers its couples the option to book an all-inclusive wedding package or a customized exclusive package. Whether you already have every detail in mind or aren’t sure where to start, they’ll make sure your wedding day meets your wildest dreams and expectations. Should you decide to take on more of your own planning, just know you’ll need to use their required vendors for catering, day-of coordinating, and bar service. 

Younger Ranch Wedding

Above all, a Younger Ranch wedding is rustic, wild, and spectacular. Your wedding will be in exceptional, caring hands from start to finish. 

Details of a wedding ceremony set up outside in a pasture with log arbor and benches

If you’re still searching for a Colorado wedding photographer, consider someone who specializes in authentic, adventurous photos – me! So, let’s connect and see if we’d be a great fit for your wedding day (I’m sure we will!)

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