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Club Pilates Colorado Springs: Get Fit with a Different Workout

You don’t have to get stuck on the treadmill or lost in the gym to get in a good workout. If you’re looking for a way to increase stamina and flexibility, build muscle, and earn a good sweat, pilates can do the trick! Check out Club Pilates in Colorado Springs for an engaging, full-body workout unlike anything you may have tried before. 

About Club Pilates Colorado Springs

810 Sky Vista Pt, Suite 120, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Club Pilates is a part of Xpontential Fitness, a huge global network of fitness franchises that includes boxing, yoga, barre, cycling, rowing, pilates, and so much more. Club Pilates was created in 2007 as a San Diego studio and has grown into an international sensation. Every year, they host over 8 million workouts worldwide! Their practice is rooted in Joseph Pilates’ original Reformer-based Contrology Method, utilizing Reformer equipment to challenge every participant safely and effectively. But you won’t just find Reformers at your local Colorado Springs Club Pilates; you’ll also use a variety of equipment like bosu balls, mats, TRX, and much more! 

Club Pilates believes that “Pilates is the path to a fuller, more satisfying physical existence.” Their classes are organized based on experience. Making it simple for beginners to find the perfect place to start and more advanced participants to push themselves through rigorous challenges. A Club Pilates instructor who has undergone hundreds of hours of training teaches every class. All in order to provide the highest quality workouts to every one of their members. Need a little extra motivation? Club Pilates also became known for its challenges and contests to keep you engaged and hold you accountable! 

A family of four stand on a rocky mountain trail smiling at sunset


Club Pilates classes are categorized by skill level using a fairly simple numeric system. Each class is labeled as 1 (Foundation), 1.5 (Progression), 2 (Evolution), or 2.5 (Mastery), with 1 being the least challenging. Foundation classes are ideal for beginners who want a safe class experience to start building the foundation for their pilates experience. It makes a great place to start working on form and alignment. Additionally, it becomes the most easily modified for anyone with physical limitations. Progression classes continue building practice with more complex movements and equipment. It’s a more moderately-paced class with a steady flow that incorporates more balance and stability challenges. 

Once you’ve found your pilates groove, you can move on to the Evolution classes, designed to challenge the body and the mind. With a greater focus on strength, as well as balance and stability, it’s a moderate to fast-paced class with more advanced exercises and equipment. Once you’ve had three months of experience with Evolution classes, you can try your hand at a Mastery class. The most advanced class level, Mastery classes challenge precision and coordination and are great for those who have a rock-solid foundation and experience with preceding class levels. 

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Club Pilates classes aren’t just about pilates; they incorporate a variety of styles, equipment, and methods for a full-body workout! You can always start with a free introductory class, and once you’re hooked, try your hand at a Cardio Sculpt or a Reformer Flow class! Suspend classes utilize TRX and suspension equipment, and the F.I.T. class offers a boot camp-style workout for more advanced participants. If you’re looking for a good stretch, their Restore classes feature foam rolling and self-myofascial release for a truly restorative experience. 

Club Pilates Colorado Springs

Club Pilates in Colorado Springs is a versatile fitness center that can help you craft a better version of yourself! Sign up for their free introductory class to see if it’s the exciting workout experience you’ve been looking for.

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