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3 Colorado Springs Toy Stores for the Perfect and Fun Items!

Who doesn’t love a great toy store? Whether you have kids shopping with you or you are browsing solo, a toy store can inspire a new idea, encourage you to pick up a new game, and of course, bring a smile to any face. Online shopping has brought a new level of convenience to our shopping. Still, nothing beats a hands-on experience assisted by quality customer service. Not to mention a more tactile and fun way to find the perfect gift for someone you love – including yourself! If you live in the area, then these Colorado Springs toy stores offer an enhanced shopping experience for you and any smaller shopping buddies you may bring along with you! 

Three Most Engaging Colorado Springs Toy Stores

Little Richard’s Toy Store

Little Richard’s Toy Store is a part of the beloved Poor Richard’s restaurant, gift shop, and bookstore family in Colorado Springs! The original Poor Richard’s restaurant owners saw how popular their kid’s play area was. From that they saw a need for a whole store dedicated to toys and family-friendly fun. They offer a selection of puzzles and games to enjoy together, as well as classical, whimsical, and educational toys. They also sell stuffed animals, musical instruments, and science and art kits. Little Richard’s carries recognized and beloved brands, as well as unique toys made of recycled materials, natural wood, and organic cotton. Plus, they have a birthday club, so you can celebrate your little one’s special day every year with a little extra fun! 

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School Crossing

School Crossing Toy Station began as a teacher supply store over 24 years ago. It was founded by a local teacher and her husband, an engineer-turned-entrepreneur. After ten years of success, they found that some of their most popular products were actually toys! They built an addition to their location to include toys and games, as well as a coffee shop with beverages and sweet treats that allowed them to host birthday parties and create a toy shopping experience

As e-commerce became more popular, they moved into a different space and built the Play Kingdom. Kids can explore, learn, and use their imaginations in this interactive play area. Today, School Crossing is a part toy store, part discovery, and play area (and don’t worry – they still host birthday parties!) You can shop anytime. But to take full advantage of the Play Kingdom, you will need to book an open play time online.  

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Theo’s Toys

Theo’s Toys has been family owned and operated since 2014! They aim to be where you can find something special. In addition to providing a wide array of board games and puzzles for the entire family, they also sell collector’s items like the latest Pokemon cards and vintage and retired lego sets. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you find whatever you are looking for and maybe a few things you didn’t know you needed, too! They are very engaged in the Manitou Springs community. When you shop with Theo’s Toys, you can feel good about supporting a small business toy store that engages with and invests in its Colorado Springs area community. 

Colorado Springs Toy Stores

We are lucky to have such unique toy stores in Colorado Springs when shopping for something perfect and fun. Check out these great small businesses; you will feel good buying local and knowing that you’ll love whatever you walk out in your shopping bags! 

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