A family of eight walks through a rocky mountain trail holding hands at sunset at ute valley park

Ute Valley Park: Your Perfect Photo Backdrop Awaits

Colorado Springs is perfect for many things, from outdoor adventures to world-class resorts and spas to breathtaking landscapes. There’s a reason why so many people call it home – and why so many people visit! It’s also a fabulous place to update your family photos! Whether you live locally or are visiting from out of town, take advantage of the natural beauty of Colorado Springs by gathering your family for a fun, friendly photoshoot. One of my favorite local spots for family photos is Ute Valley Park, a gorgeous public space with many trails, mountain views, and wide open fields. Please keep reading to learn why it’s a great setting for photos! 

Ute Valley Park: The Perfect Backdrop for Your Family or Senior Photos

A high school senior in cowboy boots, a white dress and jean jacket sits on a large rock

About the Location

1705 Vindicator Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Ute Valley Park is a moderately sized park on the western edge of Colorado Springs with plenty to offer! Approximately 1.5 miles by .05 mile, Ute Valley Park is surrounded by quiet suburbs, giving it an even more secluded feel for anyone searching for an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Colorado Springs. The park is also home to several miles of soft- and hard-surfaced trails, ideal for mountain biking, hiking, and observing the area’s wildlife. 

A high school senior in a flowy dress walks through a field with wildflowers at ute valley park

The park is known for its popular trails, ideal for outdoor adventuring. The BeaUTEiful Loop features gorgeous ridge-top views of Pikes Peak, Black Forest, and Rockrimmon, as well as gorgeous forests and rock formations. Rattlesnake Ridge has more incredible views, including sights of Garden of the Gods, but is a far more technical, rocky trail, ideal for a challenging hike or an experienced mountain biker. Two other trails, the High Arches Loop and Black and Blue Loop, are also great for exploring the area’s unique terrain but are better left to the pros. 

However, there are still plenty of open areas and spaces that are perfect for families and are particularly perfect for gorgeous family photoshoots!

A young brother and sister hold hands while running down a wooden boardwalk as mom and dad hug behind them

What Makes This Location Great For Family Photos

Ute Valley Park is a beautiful site that captures the essence of the beauty of Colorado Springs. It has picturesque features like expansive fields with green and golden grasses, rugged mountain peaks, and groves of green trees. It’s also a reasonably accessible space for families with little ones or older parents and grandparents who may need an easy walk from their car. 

There’s something magical about the unbridled wilderness, without a screen or a light post in sight. It’s an excellent spot for Colorado Springs locals and visitors to take advantage of the beautiful mountains in timeless family portraits. While the park is a popular destination, there are plenty of more secluded spots that are perfect for an uninterrupted photoshoot. 

A high school senior in a white dress stands in a field of wildflowers at sunset

What to Wear for your Ute Valley Park Photoshoot 

With such gorgeous landscapes and natural terrain (not to mention your beautiful family), your photos will look stunning no matter what. However, I do have some suggestions for what to wear for your Ute Valley Park photoshoot! 

  • Think coordinating, not matching. A simple color palette can be essential to cohesive pictures. It will look way more natural than everyone in matching ensembles. 
  • Try to avoid bright neon colors and busy patterns. The scenery will provide plenty of texture and visual dynamics, and you don’t want to pull focus with a distracting color or print. 
  • Dress comfortably, especially if you have little ones! No one wants to be tugging at tights or itchy sweaters, kids in particular. Trust me, everyone will enjoy the photoshoot more if they are comfy!
  • When in doubt, think classic. Timeless silhouettes, colors, and textiles will always be in style; graphic t-shirts, trendy cuts, and in-the-moment accessories will age your photos quickly. 

A high school senior sits on a rock on a mountain trail at ute valley park

Ute Valley Park

Consider a Ute Valley Park photoshoot with your family to update your new portraits! I’d love to be your guide and help you capture this beautiful phase of your life with stunning family photos. Let’s get you on the schedule!

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