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As women, we’re often expected to put the care and needs of others first. While caring for our children, partners, and families is important, it can’t get in the way of caring for ourselves, too! That’s why it’s so important to find a healthcare provider that you trust to guide you as you navigate your own health and wellness journey, especially when it comes to women’s health! The Center for Women’s Health is an all-female medical staff that has created a nurturing environment to make you feel right at home. If you’re searching for a new OB/GYN to entrust with your personal care, keep reading to learn more about the Center for Women’s Health in Castle Rock!

About Center for Women’s Health in Castle Rock

8000 E Prentice Ave D10

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Dr. Asela Russel is the Board-Certified OB/GYN at the helm of the Center for Women’s Health in Castle Rock. Affectionately crowned the “Queen of Menopause,” her experience with hormones, weight loss, and midlife health has earned her a distinct reputation in the field of women’s health. She attended Yale University and Duke Medical School before completing her OB/GYN residency at the University of California – San Francisco. Dr. Russel opened the practice twenty years ago in 2003 (though she began working in the area in 1987) and has provided comprehensive healthcare to women in the Denver Metro area since. 

Dr. Russel is supported by nurse practitioner Cathie Warren, a Colorado native with over 30 years of experience. Together with their warm, welcoming staff, the all-female team dedicated themselves to keeping their community’s women healthy and safe. 

A happy mom stands in a window holding her sleeping newborn baby thanks to Center for Women's Health Castle Rock


The Center for Women’s Health offers comprehensive healthcare services for Castle Rock women of all ages. While they offer obstetrical care for pregnant women (Dr. Russel has delivered over 2,000 babies in her career!), most of their specialties are more gynecologically oriented. 

Dr. Russel specializes in minimally invasive surgery that helps to treat excessive bleeding, pelvic support problems, and more. They are experts in treating conditions like endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Dr. Russel and Ms. Warren can also help patients manage birth control and take care of STD screenings. 

Of course, Dr. Russel earned the title “Queen of Menopause” from her experience with menopausal patients. She can help women manage common symptoms, providing treatment and coaching women through life and wellness choices that may make menopause more manageable. She can also help with weight loss, nutritional coaching, stress relief, and medical conditions that may be affecting unwanted weight gain. 

New parents smile and snuggle in a window while holding their newborn baby Center for Women's Health Castle Rock


Finding the right doctor to entrust with your health can often feel daunting. We’ve all had experiences where we may not feel heard. Or felt like decisions were being made without our best interests in mind. Dr. Russel and Ms. Warren are known for putting their patients first at the Center for Women’s Health in Castle Rock. If you read through their online reviews, you’ll see dozens of women commending them for a compassionate, unrushed bedside manner. They take the time to listen to and address concerns. Additionally, as their patient, your comfort and peace of mind will always come first, ensuring you have a positive experience. Especially when dealing with something as sensitive and vulnerable as your health. 

Center for Women’s Health Castle Rock

The Center for Women’s Health in Castle Rock is a welcoming practice led by women you can trust with your care. Don’t put your own health on the back burner. Instead, take charge of your health to feel your strongest and always be ready for the ones you love! 

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